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Transiting to secondary school. We prepare them well
We Inspire Confidence in our Learners
Changing The Education Narative
Education for practical Application
Inspire, Educate, and Transform
Teaching Through Doing
We Instill Success Mentality in Our Students
The Best Is Within Us.
Time for change and make a difference
Dream team- we recruit the best to give the best
a Dream worth pursuing in life
Our Aspiration for a Greater institution
A spirit of devotion for goal achievement
A Spirit That Liberates Our Learners
Aim for the moon, if you miss you may land among the stars.
Creative cultural Activities
Showing What We Are Taught.
Setting The Trends For A Transformative Society



The primary wing started in 1995 It has grown in terms of pupils enrolment and the academic perfomance. The school is among the top schools in the country.In the same year, the secondary school wing for ordinary level was opened.The Primary school has been performing exceptionally well in national examination


To develop various intergrated institutions of learning and their compatible associated infrastructure and superstructure whose key objectives is to develop and maintain an accptable unique and coherent quality institution of learning that deliver affordable services at multipurpose level to all Tanzanian Peolpe and beyond.


To be acceptably unique quality institution of learning that delivers affordable services at multipurpose level to all Tanzania people and Beyond.

Our School Motto:

Teach a child the way he or she should go and will never depart from it” (Prov.22:6)