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  • +255 768 592 546/ +255 27 27 50763
  • email:secondary@edengardenschools.com
Students carrying out physics practicals
Practical skills in action- Making Hydroponic Fodder
Inspiring The Young People For Attainment Of Great Heights
We Focus On Hollistic Growth
Innovation is life
The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In Beauty Of Their Dreams.
The future depends on our Actions today
We See Far Because We Stand On Shoulders Of Giants
a Dream worth pursuing in life
For Us The Sky Is The Limit- We Fly Like Eagles
The Center Of Academic Excellence, Where Dreams Are Nurtured.
We Aim For The Best
Impacting lives postively
We Nurture Genious In Our Kids.



The secondary school started in 2001. It Has thusbeing in existence in the last 17 years. This year, we celebrated our 14th formfour graduation ceremony. The school is core-curriculum meaning it is a mixed school for both boys and girls. It offers both arts and science subjects to the students.


To develop various intergrated institutions of learning and their compatible associated infrastructure and superstructure whose key objectives is to develop and maintain an accptable unique and coherent quality institution of learning that deliver affordable services at multipurpose level to all Tanzanian Peolpe and beyond.


To be acceptably unique quality institution of learning that delivers affordable services at multipurpose level to all Tanzania people and Beyond.

Our School Motto:

Teach a child the way he or she should go and will never depart from it” (Prov.22:6)